First Dates - What To Wear

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So you've successfully negotiated the emails and adult chat, and now you've arranged your first date.  But what should you wear?  Here's some helpful advice on how to dress to impress on that all-important first encounter.

For girls

When you meet your date, you want to stand out from the crowd, for the right reasons.  A great way of doing this is by wearing a skirt, rather than opting for jeans and a t-shirt.  Team your frock with a pair of shoes that are of a sensible height that you can comfortably walk in.  Remember to check your date's profile to see how tall he is.  Go for flats if he's the same height as you or choose a modest heel if he's taller.

Remember that first impressions are all-important, so choose something stylish and demure that fits you well.  Avoid plunging necklines or buttock-skimming hemlines; you might feel sexy, but your date could easily misconceive this look as a blatant come-on.  After all, if you reveal virtually everything the first time you meet him, he'll naturally assume that you do so for all the guys you date, so keep yourself covered.

The fact that you've chosen to look different by wearing a skirt shows your date that you are confident and comfortable in your own skin; you don't just follow the crowd.  As far as your date is concerned, this makes you interesting to talk to as well as stunning to look at!

For guys

A girl will probably be much more impressed if she thinks her date has given thought to his appearance.  This shows that you've been thoughtful and considerate, rather than giving the impression that you're not really bothered about her either way.

Forget your baseball cap, baggies and flip-flops; the beach-bum look won't impress her and just looks as though you haven't made an effort. You might also want to schedule a trip to the barber for a tidy-up; also, ditch the five o'clock shadow and don't forget to clean your fingernails!  Girls do notice these things, and all these little touches show that you care about the impression you want to give to your date.

Smart, tailored jeans or chinos and a new shirt (tucked-in) look casual but smart, and a well-tailored jacket makes a great finishing touch.  Smart, clean loafers or brogues finish the ensemble – never trainers!  The look is classic but casual and will look appropriate for a morning meeting over coffee, and for a lunch or dinner date.

In conclusion

How you dress says a lot about you as a person.  If it's clear that you've made an effort to look good for your date and that you take pride in your appearance, they will respect you for it.