The 3 Must-Have Items You Need for Your Baby's First Nature Trip

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Did you and your partner love hiking, camping, or exploring nature before your baby was born? There's no reason you can't still enjoy it now—as long as you're prepared, that is. Here are the 3 must-haves you need for a safe and happy first nature trip with your family's newest addition.

1. Safe & Secure Car Seat

Unless you're lucky enough to live in the wilderness, you'll probably be driving to your hiking trail or campsite. Car safety is always important, but it's even more crucial when you're heading out into nature. The further you get from densely populated living areas, the more likely you are to encounter rocky roads and dangerous driving circumstances. That's why it's essential to have your baby's car seat professionally fitted before you take your first trip. The best way to protect your little one when you go off road is to ensure their seat is secure enough to withstand bumps and sharp braking. A professional will be able to confidently fit your car seat to the manufacturers' specifications and answer any questions you have about the safety of it.

2. Well-Stocked Changing Kit

Baby changing in the unpredictable wilderness can be just as difficult as it sounds. To have a stress-free trip, you'll need to pack an even more thorough changing kit than you usually would on a day out. Even if you don't usually use a mat to change your baby's nappy, you'll want to on a nature trip. There's no guarantee that you'll find a clean place to lay your little one down or a comfortable place to change them on your lap. You should also pack more than enough nappies plus at least one change of clothes. Leaky nappies are a pain at the best of times, but they can be dangerous in the wild if you don't have spare clothes. Remember that babies can't regulate their body temperature as well as adults can, so you won't be able to let them go clothes-free if their first outfit gets soiled.

It's also a good idea to bring extra wet wipes or cloths, as these can come in handy when dealing with dirt and mud. Finally, don't forget to bring plenty of nappy sacks or plastic bags with you. Unlike in commercial or residential areas, there are no trash bins in the wild. You may have to travel quite some way to dispose of dirty nappies, so you'll need bags to keep them in while you travel.

3. Voice-Controlled Walkie-Talkies

Sticking to your baby's schedule is important, even when you're out in the wild. If you plan to camp out overnight, you may need to put your bundle of joy to bed before you and your partner settle down for the night. Of course, the sounds of a crackling fire or rustling leaves can make it difficult to hear your baby when they're safely in the tent. It's likely that your usual baby monitor won't be camp-ready, but luckily there's a product out there that works in the same way: the walkie-talkie. A voice-controlled walkie-talkie makes the perfect nature-friendly baby monitor. They're activated by sound, so there's no need to press any buttons—the device will automatically transmit when it hears your baby crying. Walkie-talkies also have far better range than home baby monitors, and they double up as a communication device if you and your partner need to split up.